/ 27 November 2021

MARIKINA 1st District Rep. Bayani Fernando filed a resolution urging the Department of Education to implement effective classroom teacher-student learning strategy for effective education.

Fernando said a new learning strategy is needed “to reverse the 60-year continuing deterioration of education in the country.”

If implemented, the program will have a three-year continuing appropriations of P50 billion.

The lawmaker cited in House Resolution 2334 the recent World Bank report that revealed that 80 percent of Filipino students fall below the minimum level of proficiency for their grade levels.

“The World Bank concluded that there is a crisis in education in the Philippines,” Fernando said.

Among the strategies he proposed is the development of modules by a group of “best teachers,” which include audio visual materials for each school day.

“The production of the modules will not be contracted out by the DepEd and shall be done in-house employing the current best teachers and administrative personnel of the DepEd irregardless of rank and positions,” Fernando said.

The modules shall be designed in a form that can be shown in special monitor screens to be installed in each classrooms.

The DepEd will also have to install monitor screens for each classroom. The teacher and students will watch together the assigned module for each school day.

The modules can be revised when there are changes in the curriculum.

Yearly examinations shall be conducted for all students in all grade levels, the results of which shall determine the qualification of the teachers to remain employed.