/ 4 May 2021

THE NATIONAL Union of the Students of the Philippines urged the youth to participate in the national elections next year by electing competent candidates.

“We have a huge role to play in the upcoming election and that is to vote for comprehensive and competitive leaders,” NUSP Jandeil Roperos said during the E-Heras: The Power of Youth Vote webinar.

The youth, she added, should be aware of social issues so that they can vote for leaders who will respond to the health and economic crisis faced by the country.

In 2022, there will be more young Filipinos eligible to cast their votes. The Commission on Elections said that 2.6 million first-time voters have so far registered.

Roperos thus encouraged her fellow youth to support patriotic and progressive candidates who “advance the agenda of the people and the youth.”

“Let’s not get tired of influencing or educating our fellow youth. Let’s not antagonize them, but understand where they are coming from. Let’s explain to them that it is our right to vote and we must maximize it by electing progressive and competent leaders,” she said.