/ 3 November 2020

THE ALLIANCE of Concerned Teachers called on the government to address the concerns of teachers, learners and their families who were hard-hit by typhoon Rolly.

“Despite the enormous damage brought about by typhoon Rolly to large parts of Luzon, we have not even heard of class and work cancellation in affected areas for the next days. We call on the national government to get quick with their response to immediately alleviate the sufferings of our kababayan,” Raymond Basilio, the group’s secretary general, said in a statement.

Basilio said that many areas in Bicol were without electricity and telecommunications services have also been cut.

“We are aware that many of our public schools have been used as evacuation centers before the storm hit. The Department of Education should be giving us updates on the situation of our schools, as well as of our teachers and learners– have they all been accounted for?” Basilio asked.

He decried the scanty information on affected teachers and students and the delayed response of the national government.

“For many calamities now, the national government has been making it a habit to leave the local units on their own. This should not be the case as our kababayans need our urgent help, the national government should be leading the way. What’s the general assessment of the situation? Where’s the plan?” Basilio asked.

He urged the Department of Education to report on the situation of its employees in areas devastated by the typhoon and to mobilize agency resources to extend aid to those who need it.

The group sought a minimum P10,000 financial aid to teaching and non-teaching personnel who have been gravely affected by the typhoon.

“The department should assess the damage of the typhoon to the infrastructure, equipment and materials for distance learning. DepEd must take it upon itself to remedy the problems and not bank on teachers, who are victims of the typhoon themselves, to once again bear the burdens of education continuity,” Basilio said.

To mobilize support for typhoon victims, the group started its Tulong Guro Donation Drive.