/ 14 January 2021

TO PROVIDE flexible learning solutions amid the Covid19 pandemic, network giant Globe has teamed up with Microsoft Office 365 in creating a more secure and affordable virtual learning platform.

Through the partnership, educational institutions will be offered more stable, reliable, and secure platforms that can maximize digital learning.

“It is a perfect time for educational institutions to maximize the learning and productivity platforms that teachers, students, and staff can use to make sure that learning is uninterrupted. With Globe and Microsoft teaming up, we can assure that learning continues even in the confines of homes,” Mark Abalos, Globe’s Segment Head for Education, said.

Compared to other Learning Management Systems, Microsoft Office 365 Education offers a richer, more secure, more affordable, and more productive platform that works across a range of devices.

The Office 365 Education platform creates a cloud-based modern classroom for a more professional learning environment. Educators can easily monitor student participation, manage assignments and feedback, as well as create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations needed for the class.

It can support the school’s learning program, whether blended, face-to-face, or purely virtual. The platform can significantly improve the process and the delivery of virtual learning.

During the pandemic, Globe has continuously provided technology that can digitally transform learning.

In addition to flexible learning solutions and tools for educational institutions, Globe offers a comprehensive onboarding process, teacher training, and after-sales support.