23 September 2023

DEPUTY Majority Leader and Iloilo First District Representative Janette Garin supported the Office of Transportation Security’s (OTS) move to tighten its baggage inspection procedure to prevent theft by screening personnel.

OTS Administrator Ma.O Aplasca said that their office imposed additional guidelines after a baggage screener at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) was caught on camera apparently swallowing bills pilfered from a passenger’s bag.

However, Garin pointed out that the OTS should uncover the syndicate behind the illegal acts and not those employees in the lower position.

“It is not enough to file a case against the person who swallowed the money. It is important to uncover the syndicate behind these acts,” Garin stressed.

“Dapat mas managot ang nagpakain ng pera and the directors behind this syndicate,” she added.

The lawmaker noted that the incident seemed a recurring issue, hinting at a potential conspiracy among the employees.

“Obviously, this is not the first time, and is impossible to do alone. Probably, there is a collaboration among employees. Might be the tip of the iceberg,” Garin stressed.

She also urged Transportation Secretary Jaime Bautista to have a timetable to unmask the syndicate involved in illegal acts.