/ 28 September 2022

A GROUP of private schools welcomed the plan of the Department of Education to use closed private schools to ease the shortage of classrooms in public schools.

The Federation of Associations of Private Schools Administrators said that as early as 2014, it had suggested the absorptive capacity of the private schools as the solution to the classroom shortage.

“Three things delivered had it been done early: Congestion is addressed right away; private schools would not have closed and quality of education is promoted,” FAPSA chairman Eleazardo Kasilag said.

“We are thankful that finally, during the time of VP (Vice President) Sara (Duterte) this shall take fruition. The government can save since they need not build and can easily decongest timely for the November 2 order that all schools shall have to go face to face,” Kasilag added.

The FAPSA head said that some private schools are up for sale or for rent.

“The school owners are helpless. Even if there is intention to continue operation; students leave for free public school and teachers transfer for higher pay,” he said.

“Now, how do we go about it? Dapat siguro, ipatawag na kami ng DepEd kung talaga seryoso sila. We can help DepEd to facilitate this among FAPSA affected members especially those that have closed,” Kasilag added.

According to him, 91,000 classrooms are needed that could accommodate roughly 4.5 million students if one room has 50 seats.

Kasilag said FAPSA can possibly get one half to three-fourths of the needed classrooms.

“However, we need to know the nature of the contract. If they rent, shall they provide the teachers? Is it per student, per classroom or the entire school? How long shall be the contract?” he asked.

“Lastly, since our students left for financial reason only, if they are subsidized now, can we opt for our original students so adjustment and location hardly face problem anymore,” Kasilag added.