/ 26 November 2023

A TOTAL of 100 regional educational officers, officials from the Department of Education Bureau of Assessment, and the USAID congregated at SEAMEO INNOTECH for the “Improving Learning Outcomes in the Philippines Regional Education Stakeholders Forum.”

This event is a two-day affair hosted by DepEd, where educators came together to present and discuss the regional results for assessment of the students in the country.

SEAMEO INNOTECH Deputy Center Director Kochakorn Khattapan Acidre welcomed the guests in her opening speech.

“This activity is one of in the series [of activities] set to improve the assessment systems of the Philippine education,” she shared to the attentive crowd. “I look forward to the fruitful discussion to craft the inclusive assessment that would benefit to learners in the Philippines as a whole.”

Deputy Director Khattapan Acidre was joined by Ms. Michelle Chen, the Education Director of the USAID Philippines, and Dr. Marilette Almayda, the OIC and the Assistant Secretary of the Curriculum and Teaching Strand of DepEd.

SEAMEO INNOTECH Center Director Professor Leonor Magtolis-Briones also welcomed the participants to the Center, and acknowledged the efforts done by USAID, DepEd, and INNOTECH in improving the learning outcomes of the learners around the country during her closing remarks in day 1.

Overall, these officials opened the set of activities that the guests, which are composed of the members of the EDCOM, DepEd Central Office, Regional Directors, as well as stakeholders, took part in.

The first day of the Regional Stakeholders covered a set of presentations covering the system assessment dashboards for the national assessment examinations held in the Philippines, as well as showcase the experiences of educators and the administrative offices in monitoring learning outcomes in their respective regions.

DepEd-BEA Statistician Maria Zandra Ilagan presented the system assessment dashboards on ELLNA, NAT G6, G10, and G12.

Additionally, Mitchell Rakusin of ILO-Ph, discussed the Comprehensive Rapid Literacy Assessment dashboards. Mr. Alexander Sucalit, Jr., the Senior Education Program Specialist of DepEd-BEA, followed suit with his presentation on the results of the Composition Writing Test.

Lastly, DepEd-BEA Education Program Specialist Nathaniel Cortez then discussed the results from the Inventory Survey of Region and Division-wide Assessment Practices.

The second day of the event will cover a set of facilitated group discussions for gathering the guests’ feedback on the comprehensive learner assessment framework considerations.

These discussions will aim to form an action agenda on a comprehensive learner assessment framework and enhancing data sharing and utilization.

Insights from the second day will be synthesized by INNOTECH’s Educational Research and Innovation Office Manager, Dr. Diosdado San Antonio and open discussions on the next steps for the educators.