/ 28 February 2023

THE DEPARTMENT of Education required all of its lawyers to continue their legal education to improve their performance and keep them abreast of developments in law and jurisprudence.

The department, through Undersecretary Gloari Jumamil-Mercado, issued Memorandum No. 011 series of 2023 or the “Departmental Support for Mandatory Continuing Legal Education” of all its lawyers.

The memo covers lawyers in the central, regional and schools division offices.

The Education department cited Bar Matter No. 850 requiring all members of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines to undergo continuing legal education to be abreast with law and jurisprudence, maintain the ethics of the profession, and enhance the standards of the practice of law.

DepEd expressed its support for the legal staff members who work in the central office, regional offices, and schools division offices and who are required to register for, attend, and make sure they are in compliance with their MCLE requirements.