Southeast Asian (SEA) DOTA2 squad 'T1' wins the ESL One Summer 2021 after defeating Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) team 'Virtus.pro' (VP) in a Best of 5 finals on Monday.

/ 21 June 2021

The team composed of their carry player Nuengnara ’23savage’ Teeramahanon from Thailand, midlaner Karl Matthew ‘Karl’ Baldovino and offlaner and captain Carlo ‘Ku’ Palad from the Philippines, and Kenny ‘Xepher’ Deo and Matthew ‘Whitemon’ Filemon from Indonesia, will go home with an additional $175,000 in their pockets.

T1 clawed their way to the grand finals after defeating European Team ‘Alliance’ at the Lower Bracket Finals, after falling down to VP at the Upper Bracket Finals.

T1 secured the first game with a Magnus and Phantom Assasin strategy, backed with heavy sustain from Winter Wyvern, Enchantress, and Venomancer.

VP’s Doom, Templar Assasin, Kunkka, Lion, and Silencer were not able to fend-off ‘T1’s well-paced spell casting and team fight execution, eventually losing the game in 31 minutes.

The CIS team was able to secure the next two games with a Winter Wyvern strat, outfighting ‘T1’ with 23:7 and 32:9 kills in favor of VP in games 2 and 3, respectively.

Both games ended on the 39 and 33-minute mark.

VP dominated the early game of the 4th match with a carry Abaddon and securing both top and middle-tier one towers of T1 before 10 minutes.

T1 turned the game around in a clash at the dire jungle in 17 minutes after killing four VP heroes, closing in with a 1k gold deficit.

The SEA team further advanced their gold advantage in the clash at the 29-minute mark, with Kuku’s clutch call with Axe, securing the ‘die back’ of two of VP’s core.

T1 ended the game after wiping VP’s heroes at 42 minutes and racking a staggering 29K gold lead.

Game 5 started slow for T1, giving away six kills in six minutes, but was able to partially recover in 13 minutes after securing the two support kills in a clash at the bottom tier two tower of VP.

The team further advanced its map control and gold lead after a clash near VP’s triangle creep in 37 minutes, killing four of VP’s heroes in the process with clutch stuns from Xepher’s Nyx Assasin.

VP called ‘GG’ in 41 minutes after defending their base with T1’s two racks push without their midlane Invoker after getting picked off by trying to split-push to stall the game.

A post-game winner’s interview from 23 Savage said that they did not expect to win as they competed in the tournament to practice for TI.

T1 CEO Joe Marsh congratulated the team and their efforts.

“That feeling when you’ve been on a plane for 8 hours and find out  @T1 won ESL One Summer!  So happy for the players, coaches, and staff that put so much work into this!  A great warm-up for TI. Our trophy case in Gangnam finally gets a Dota trophy!  Hopefully another one soon!” Marsh wrote on Twitter.

T1 will go home to SEA with a total of $250,000 winnings, both from the ESL One Summer and the ‘WePlay AniMajor,’ and will prepare for The International 10 in a Bootcamp that has yet to be disclosed by the management.