The Adamson University is set to host the 85th season of the University Athletics Association of the Philippines (UAAP) for academic year 2022-2023.

/ 16 October 2021

According to its official student publication, on October 1, various University officials held a coordination meeting regarding the UAAP. 

Director of the Office for Athletic Development Fr. Aldrin Suan CM, OAD coordinator Rachelle Padilla, IDEA Director Dr. Pamela Mantuhac, Admission and Student Recruitment Director Richmond Yap, OSA Head of Student Development Ma. Catherine Cequea, Head of the Secretariat Ms. Arlene Paredes, Communication Department Chairperson Ms. Ailene Ayson, Computer Science Department Chairperson Mr. Edward Bustillos, and Information Technology and Information System Department attended the conference.

Also present during the conference were representatives from The Adamson Chronicle, Adamson University Student Government, Senior High School, and the Basic Education Department. 

The meeting’s primary objectives were to discuss the suggested topic, visualize the opening and closing ceremonies, discuss prospective activities linked to the development of the new Soaring Falcon logo, and discuss concept design for the tournament awards.

The proposed theme, visualization of the opening and closing ceremony, possible activities related to the development of the new Soaring Falcon logo, and concept design for the tournament trophies were the main objectives of the meeting.