/ 21 March 2023

OFFICIALS of the Commission on Higher Education visited La Consolacion College-Bacolod to assess its programs and academic and administrative procedures.

The team also examined the institution’s buildings and services and gave insightful advice and feedback, pointing out areas that needed development and praising the college for its accomplishments.

The college administration thanked CHED and pledged to address the areas identified for enhancement.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to undergo the CHED monitoring visit, as it allows us to assess the effectiveness of our programs and services,” Senior President Joan Brigida Corazon Infante said.

“We appreciate the insights and feedback provided by the CHED officials, and we are committed to working towards the further development and improvement of our institution,” Infante added.

The school said it “remains steadfast in its commitment to providing quality education and supporting the holistic development of its students.”