/ 22 December 2020

THE COMMISSION on Higher Education has issued its guidelines on the release of grants for State Colleges and Universities that will join the fight against Covid19.

The commission earlier invited SUCs to submit project proposals that could help curb the spread of the contagion.

The projects that will qualify for the grants include the manufacturing of alcohol, sanitizers, tissue, thermometer, hand soaps, detergents, sodium hydrochloride, cleaning materials, personal protective equipment, povidone iodine, gloves, and other needed equipment.

Grants are also available for projects on food preparation for medical, armed forces and police frontliners, stranded students and members of the marginalized communities during community quarantine.

CHED will also fund SUCs who will deploy volunteers to assist healthcare frontliners in contact tracing and creating a database.

The SUCs must submit a certification from the university or college president that “the SUC has the expertise to undertake the proposed project…AND that it has the equipment, raw materials or access thereof, and facilities to undertake the project.”

The SUCs must also submit a full-blown proposal, including line item budget, work plan, terms of reference/scope of the project, log name, description of the significance of the project, method and expected outcome of the activity.

Other requirements are proof of coordination with the local government, the Department of Health, or the local security forces to ensure reasonable compliance with their policies, standards or guidelines related to the project; proposed memorandum of agreement signed by the SUC President and a witness which will be processed if the proposal is approved; certification by the president that the proposed projects are subject to ratification by the Governing Board of the SUC concerned and that it has been forwarded to the Board Chair for approval via referendum; and project summary sheet.

Documentary requirements must be submitted to the Office of Planning Research and Knowledge Management at [email protected] and [email protected] and [email protected] must also be copy-furnished.

Proposed projects must be completed within 2 to 3 months from release of the grant.