Carlos Yulo already got his first dose of Pfizer vaccine and is scheduled to get his last dose on the second week of July in preparation for his Tokyo bid.

/ 7 July 2021

The Japan-based Yulo opted to be vaccinated even though it is not a requirement by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for participants in the Tokyo Games.

Nevertheless, Gymnastics Association of the Philippines (GAP) president Cynthia Carrion averred that Yulo is doing everything to snatch the gold medal.

“If he performs the way he’s training right now, he can win that gold (in floor exercise),” said Carrion during Tuesday’s guesting at the Philippine Sportswriters Association Online Forum.

“The only one he’s not doing well is the pommel horse and the rings. So he will not get the apparatus overall, so we’re only working on the individual apparatus,” she added.

Further, GAP declined the offer for Yulo to be the country’s flag-bearer.

Philippine sports officials have yet to name who will be the flag-bearer after President Carrion declined the offer for Yulo to be the one to yield the flag in the opening ceremony.

“I said no because the next day he has a competition. He has to rest and you know how heavy that flag is for his arms. So I’d rather take his placing into the marching, but not Caloy,” she explained. 

“He has to rest. We’re doing everything in our power to make him get the gold medal.”