/ 30 December 2021

THE COLLEGE Editors Guild of the Philippines marked its 61st founding anniversary with the Student Christian Movement of the Philippines.

CEGP said that its determination and activism is rooted on Christian ethics and values.

“Our will to uphold democracy, truth, and justice roots to our empathy, love, and compassion, set by Jesus Christ himself, who at the time also chose the side of the downtrodden,” the group added.

It said that it will stay “progressive and militant.”

“We ought to side with the marginalized and the oppressed; the victims of miseducation, disinformation, deception, killings, political violence, reactionaryism, ultraconservatism, and monopoly capitalism,” the CEGP said.

“We divulge people-powered journalism and simplify the complexities of politics to mobilize and organize the masses,” it added.