4 March 2024

Globe achieved notable performance in its postpaid fiber service in 2023, with revenues growing by 14%, reflecting the increasing demand for fast and reliable internet services among Filipinos.

The consistency of Globe’s Home Broadband postpaid fiber subscriber base throughout the year was crucial in driving these remarkable results. Adding to this, Globe’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional quality and service to its customers played a significant role.

A pivotal factor in the growth of postpaid fiber is the sustained Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), reflecting Globe’s focus on acquiring and retaining quality customers.

Meanwhile, Globe’s GFiber Prepaid service received positive customer feedback, especially for its fully digital experience, affordability, superb network quality, and ease of reloading through the GlobeOne app.

Launched in the latter half of 2023, the GFiber Prepaid service showcases Globe’s innovative response to the evolving needs of the Filipino home broadband market.

Despite its recent introduction, GFiber Prepaid has recorded the highest reload rate and loader ARPU among Globe’s prepaid offerings. By leveraging its superior distribution network and profound understanding of the prepaid consumer market, Globe aims to effectively scale this segment while preserving the quality of its subscriber base.

“We are very optimistic about our GFiber Prepaid product. It perfectly meets what Filipinos are looking for – affordability and flexibility in terms of payment plans and methods, enabling them to manage their finances with ease,” said Abigail Cardino, Vice President and Head of Brand Management, Broadband Business at Globe.

Globe is strategically expanding its prepaid fiber business with a measured approach to customer acquisition. This strategy is aimed at attracting quality subscribers and “real intenders” – customers expected to stay active and loyal to Globe’s fiber network for the long term.

In its ongoing efforts to enhance service delivery, Globe deployed over 199,000 fiber-to-the-home lines in 2023, while utilizing its existing fiber inventory. This effort is part of the company’s broader strategy to cater to the underserved prepaid fiber market, further strengthening its leadership in the Philippine telecom industry.

As Globe continues to broaden and enhance its fiber offerings, it is dedicated to connecting more Filipinos and providing them with reliable and high-quality internet services.

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