/ 11 January 2021

AJINOMOTO Philippines Corporation has shared its resources with the Department of Education to help ensure that learners stay healthy.

Through its new campaign Prottie® SuperKID, Ajinomoto hopes to instill the importance of good health, nutrition, and hygiene habits among grade school children in a “fun” and “engaging” way.

The campaign also aims to educate parents and students on proper nutrition.

Under the campaign, parents were given educational newsletters during the distribution of modules in select elementary schools in Metro Manila.

The newsletter is a kid-friendly guide that teaches hygiene, sanitation, immunity, psycho-social development, and healthy eating. It also includes healthy recipes, easy-to-follow exercises, educational comics and brain teasers.

Aside from the newsletters, parents were also given packs of Prottie® Soy Milk in Chocolate and Caramel variants.

APC General Manager of Marketing and Public Relations Roann Co said parents should keep their children healthy.

“Parents have a huge learning curve as much as their children when it comes to adapting to the new normal. On top of applying new routines for the family, they are also responsible for helping their kids understand these challenging times without sacrificing their learning and healthy eating habits,” Co said.

Ajinomoto Philippines distributed newsletters and products to a total of 200,000 students in 200 schools in Metro Manila.

“We aim to help kids stay healthy and strong so they can achieve their maximum potential even as they study mostly from home,” Co said.