Taekwondo Coach Geisler refutes PTA’s decision

PTA posted through its Facebook page a 12-page notice addressed to Coach Donnie Geisler declaring him as a persona non grata, however, Geisler refutes the decision for its baseless grounds.

/ 23 September 2020

According to the memo, Geisler conducted online Zoom classes that involved members of the national team without prior notice to the Federation.

In line with this, the PTA decided to expel Geisler and accepted the resignation of those members who were involved.

However, Geisler claimed that the decision of the PTA was baseless and realign the reason was because of the complaint he filed against the association.

“From the looks of it, these are all baseless and intended to create leverage against me,” he posted on his Facebook page.

Last June 24 when Geisler filed a court case against the PTA for discriminatory and anti-competitive practices of the latter.

Moreover, according to Geisler he will not sit back and watch as the association makes untruthful statements and twists the facts against him.

He added that he filed Criminal Complaints for Libel and Cyber Libel for various defamatory.

“The truth is on my side and I will continue this uphill battle in such time that discriminatory actions are stopped and justice is served,” included in the statement.