/ 9 December 2023

THE Philippine National Police on Friday proudly announced the outstanding success of 41 of its personnel who have passed the Bar examinations held in September 2023.

The release of the results on December 5, 2023 highlights the exceptional competence and dedication of these individuals, the PNP said.

“These successful candidates have not only demonstrated their expertise in the field of law but have also exemplified the PNP’s unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning and professionalism among its members.”

“Their achievement underscores the dedication and relentless efforts of these individuals, who have effectively balanced their law enforcement duties with the rigorous demands of legal education,” a ranking PNP officer said.

In acknowledgment of this extraordinary accomplishment, PNP Chief Police General Benjamin Acorda Jr extended his heartfelt congratulations to the successful candidates.

“I would like to express my sincerest congratulations to the 41 PNP personnel who have proven their mettle in the Bar Exam. This achievement is a testament to their exceptional capabilities and reflects the high standards we uphold within the PNP. I am confident that these individuals will continue to serve with distinction, utilizing their legal expertise to further our commitment to justice and public service,” Acorda said.

The PNP celebrates this significant milestone as it reinforces its dedication to nurturing and acknowledging excellence among its personnel.

The successful candidates, by passing the Bar exams, have not only elevated their professional standing but have also contributed to the overall capabilities and reputation of the PNP.

The PNP eagerly anticipates the continued success and contributions of these 41 individuals in their dual roles as legal professionals and law enforcement officers.