/ 28 November 2020

TWO students committed suicide allegedly because of problems caused by distance learning, according to the National Union of Students of the Philippines.

The identities of the two students were not disclosed but the group said they were enrolled in state colleges.

The NUSP pinned the blame on the Commission on Higher Education and President Rodrigo Duterte, saying the opening of the school year was ill-planned.

“The union received a report that 2 students in Metro Manila committed suicide because of difficulties and anxieties due to online classes.

“The two new cases add up to a number of reported suicide incidents as Duterte and CHED just turned blind eyes on the struggles students are facing in the defective flexible learning,” the group’s Metro Manila chapter said on Facebook.

“The National Union of Students of the Philippines Metro Manila sends its deepest condolences to the families of the 2 students. This would have not happened if the government laid down plans addressing the defectiveness of distance learning. Given that the alternative mode of education provided is most expensive and most inaccessible,” it added.

Meanwhile, the Department of Education asked the public to stop linking suicide cases to distance learning, saying it is not the real reason behind these tragic incidents.

The department said it is reaching out to teachers, staff, and learners in providing them with mental health and psychosocial services.