/ 21 November 2020

THE VISAYAS State University will implement a ‘wellness week’  to help its constituents cope with the hardships of distance learning.

The break will be from November 23 to 27, 2020.

No school work will be given during the said dates.

The submission of requirements shall be moved to the following week. During the break, students and faculty members were encouraged to engage in activities to improve their well-being.

“In addressing the emotional and physical well-being of students and faculty, the Visayas State University will implement a ‘wellness week’ for both faculty and students,” VSU said on Facebook.

“The said week is not a break from academic undertakings but rather an opportune space for the concerned to recharge themselves from the rigors and demands of online learning,” it added.

Faculty members were advised to apply for a work-from-home scheme during the said dates.

“The wellness week is a week to recharge faculty and students. Yet, it doesn’t mean that faculty members would stop doing things that are expected of them, such as module preparation if they have not started or completed such deliverables,” the school said.