20 March 2024

THE World Anti-Doping Agency has already cleared the Philippines from its compliance watchlist saying the corrective actions undertaken by the Philippine National Anti-Doping Organization have been corrected and the pending compliance procedure has been closed according to its statement posted online.

“I am pleased to confirm that in light of the latest developments, the Compliance Review Committee has decided to sign off the remaining pending critical corrective actions relating to testing and results management,” WADA’s Chief Compliance Manager Emiliano Simonelli stated in an email sent to PHI-NADO head Dr. Alejandro Pineda.

“As a result, the compliance procedure has now been closed and the case will not be filed before the Court of Arbitration for Sport,” he added.

Philippine Sports Commission Chairman Richard Bachmann expressed his gratitude to the WADA and the PHI-NADO and stressed that the country will continue its advocacy in building a sporting venue free from any doping activities.

“We would like to thank WADA for all the support to resolve all issues. The PSC in coordination with PHI-NADO will continue to make improvements and propose the proper legislation in compliance with the WADA Code 20.5.1 to avoid future issues,” Chairman Richard Bachmann stated.