/ 27 September 2021

FOR its effective response in fighting the Covid19 pandemic, a team from the Visayas State University received the Regional Pag-asa Award in Group Category given by the Civil Service Commission.

The VSU Pandemic Movers is composed of the university’s key officials working on various areas and special projects.

They aim to keep the university safe and responsive to the needs of VSU constituents including its neighboring communities.

“During the start of the pandemic, VSU President Edgard Tulin came up with different committees who were delegated to implement Covid19 counter initiatives that led the university in crafting and deploying management systems to mitigate pandemic-induced situations,” VSU said.

Dr. Santiago Peña, dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, served as the team coordinator and oversaw the implementation of different projects including food pack distribution to stranded students.

Peña also coordinated with different local government units for the safe return of stranded students to their respective hometowns.

Chief Medical Officer of VSU Dr. Elwin Jay Yu, on the other hand, took care of responses related to health protocols, emergency, rescue and sanitation.

Yu’s responsibilities include the overall management of university frontliners in charge of keeping the VSU community safe.

Meanwhile, the Dean of Students Prof. Manolo Loreto, Jr. was tasked to facilitate safe billeting of stranded students while organizing various interventions related to mental health to ensure the wellness of the stranded students.

Dr. Rosario Salas, head of the Department of Horticulture, spearheaded a massive cultivation of vegetables in VSU demonstration farms to ensure local food security within the VSU community and its neighboring barangays.

Further, Jed Asaph Cortes, head of the VSU Web Team, strengthened the school’s information systems by delivering up-to-date news and local bulletins to inform the public about the happenings inside the university.

“We are greatly humbled for the opportunity to serve and become instruments of goodwill and hope. Despite the pandemic, we see people from all walks of life bearing light and courage for others to survive, trusting that God will never lead us where His grace cannot keep us,” Dr. Peña said.

“On behalf of the VSU Pandemic Movers, with Dr. Elwin Jay V. Yu, Dr. Rosario A. Salas, Prof. Manolo B. Loreto, and Mr. Jed Asaph D. Cortes, it is our pleasure to accept this award to serve the people with honor and gratitude. Thank you so much,” he added.