/ 12 August 2021

A FACULTY member of the University of Santo Tomas Senior High School received an international recognition in a video competition organized by the Global Peace Foundation.

The foundation launched the #iPeacebuilder Video Challenge 2021 with the theme “Strengthening Youth Inclusion and Leadership in Peacebuilding for Sustainable Development.”

The #iPeacebuilder Video Challenge 2021 is a pre-event of the Global Youth Forum 2021 which aims to showcase youth’s global leadership and peacemaking efforts in their community.

Teacher Daryl Querijero joined the challenge and created a video entitled “Donation Drive, Letters for Frontliners, and Dare to Care Project.”

Querijero said his entry aimed to raise awareness on the capacity of the youth in peace building and serving the people.

“Through constant practice of concrete actions of love, like sending letters, praying for others, no matter how small or big the actions are, these can be means to help young people to recognize their capacity to love, their capacity to share, and their capacity to create an impact,” Querijero said.

“It will enable the youth to reach out to others. Through this, we eradicate apathy and indifference. Peace is a reality of a united world,” he added.

Querijero, who is also a national coordinator of Living Peace International Philippines, pointed out the role of the youth in peace building.

“The Living Peace International emphasizes that we need to establish a culture of love, in order to build a culture of peace. This is the message that we want to convey to the youth of today. Guided by this principle, we promote peace education to form the hearts of young people,” he said.

“My message to all Thomasians is to live out their humanity to the fullest. Our human-ness is stressed when we love and share. We have to recognize our capacity to love and to build peace. Each one of us can be an ambassador of unity and peace,” he added.