/ 9 August 2022

THE UNIVERSITY of the Philippines Los Baños will offer three new programs after securing the approval of the UP Board of Regents.

The new programs are Bachelor of Science in Materials Engineering, Associate in Arts in Entrepreneurship or AAEntrepis and MS in Clinical Nutrition.

The BS Materials Engineering program will focus on designing and developing processing techniques that are practical, economical, environment-friendly and scalable.

The offering of the degree program is in response to the need for materials engineers who will work in research and development, quality assurance and raw materials processing amid the favorable investment environment in the country.

“BS Materials Engineering is the seventh engineering degree program offered in UPLB and is consistent with the aim of the College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology to become a more comprehensive, competitive, and advanced college,” the school said.

Meanwhile, AAEntrepis is a two-year course anchored on the importance of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education and the associate program as a pathway to formal lifelong learning.
It will focus on entrepreneurial mind setting and equipping entrepreneurial skills and competencies among students.

“It can, with the choice by qualified students, be a stepping stone for them to earn the BS Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship,” UPLB said.

“AA Entrep does not require students to take and pass the UPCAT. It can be ladderized with other bachelor’s degree programs in UPLB, consistent with the notion that entrepreneurship can be practiced in any field or career path,” it added.

The Master in Clinical Nutrition, on the other hand, is designed to enhance the professional qualifications of the registered nutritionist-dietitians.

The program is focused on formulating nutritional care plans for various diseases following the nutrition care process, a systematic approach that is a global standard in clinical nutrition care.

“Mastery of NCP will increase the efficiency and effectiveness in the provision of nutritional care and will lead to greater recognition of the role of dietetic professionals in all care settings,” the university said.

“The MCN is designed to deepen the understanding of clinical nutrition, hone and enable professionals to gain new knowledge about evidence-based nutritional strategies in managing various diseases,” it added.