/ 1 February 2021

I know how challenging it can be for students. I’ve gone through that, albeit a long time ago. I can only imagine how difficult the experience can be now with the pandemic and the virtual classroom setting.

Thus, I feel it is important for one’s mental health to give yourself a break every now and then. Movies and television shows provide that perfect psychological getaway. Here are my top three recommended shows for students and teachers alike.

“The School Nurse Files” is a perfect fantasy story that shows the perspectives of both teachers and students. Focusing on the story of a Korean school nurse who protects the student body and fights monster jellies birthed out of students’ emotions, feelings, and desires, this is a good introduction to Korean television, even for those not invested into Korean dramas.

Another show that I can recommend is “Deadly Class”. This show gives us a twisted take on our world and the educational system. It chronicles the story of students who enter a unique Academy that teaches crime, who soon discover the hidden morality in them all, realizing that the life of crime and assassination may not be the best choice for them, even given their lineage.

Last but not least, My Hero Academia is always a solid recommendation for an anime in a school setting. Quite the opposite of Deadly Class, this series is all about the youth bringing out not only their powers, but also their inherent bravery and heroism.

With all these shows to watch, always be sure to be wise and energy efficient. Coming from my work background in Meralco, we always advise turning off and unplugging your TV sets, when not in use, to save up on some costs.

I hope those reading this can try out and enjoy the suggested programs. I will have more good vibes for you in the coming weeks.