/ 6 December 2023

UNIVERSITY of the Philippines President Angelo Jimenez released a statement on the recent bombing incident at the Mindanao State University-Marawi Dimaporo Gymnasium that happened on Sunday (03 Dec 2023).

The bombing has left four persons dead and almost 50 persons injured.

The horrible incident happened during the morning Catholic mass that the students attended.

According to the statement of UP, they stand in solidarity with the MSU as this was not only an act of violence against the students and their families but also against the principles of peace, unity, and understanding that should not be violated inside academic institutions.

“We commend the swift response of MSU and its commitment to protecting the safety of all its constituents in this difficult time, and offer our support and resources in navigating the aftermath of this painful incident,” the school said.

UP reiterated that academic institutions must be a safe space for all of its people and that conflicts should be discussed and resolved rather than resolving it in violence.

Jimenez also expressed his sincere condolences and grief for the community after the tragic incident.

“Let us all rally against violence and extremism, join in the continuing effort to build a just and inclusive society in our homeland.” the president added.