/ 22 March 2021

THE UNIVERSITY of Mindanao has sought the help of the Department of Food Science and Technology of the Visayas State University in developing its own food technology program.

The two agencies signed an agreement that will expand the curricular offerings of UM’s College of Hospitality Education.

“It will allow UM to venture into the science and principles involved in processing, preserving, and engineering food products,” VSU said.

“CHE plans to adopt the science-based course design and the strong research leanings of the VSU food technology program that make it stand out from among other state universities and colleges offering the same undergraduate course,” Dr. Florence Kristina Jimenez, UM-CHE dean, said.

DFST head Dr. Lorina Galvez shared how VSU food technology program evolved over the years.

She highlighted DFST’s strong linkages with various government institutions that provided infrastructure investments for the growth and expansion of the department.

“One notable linkage of DFST is the establishment of an SUC-based food testing laboratory which is a shared service facility funded by the Department of Trade and Industry,” Galvez said.

“DFST would keep its doors open for UM and other universities and colleges who wish to work with them for various research and academic undertakings,” she added.

Dr. Maria Rina Quilestino, CHE Assistant dean, expressed her gratitude to VSU.

“Rest assured that our project team will look into the useful data coming from one of the best science universities in the country. With our exchanges today, we are now a step closer to crafting an equally strong food tech program in UM,” Quilestino said.