/ 17 June 2021

STUDENT councils in the University of the East pressed their request for a dialogue with school officials to discuss the concerns and grievances of learners.

“In these trying times wherein we anticipated that the administration would show its compassion and empathy towards their students, we have been neglected by the same institution who vowed for a pro-student leadership,” the councils said.

“The students deserve an administration that heeds their call and sentiments. We are asking the administration to give us a schedule when we can have a dialogue as soon as possible. As the representative of the whole studentry, we will not stop holding them accountable for enforcing an equitable system in our university,” they added.

The groups issued the statement after UE President Esther Garcia belied claims that the school is collecting “unjustifiable, unnecessary, and excessive fees.”

The councils claimed that UE officials continue to impose “unjustifiable and inhuman policies.”

“Numerous letters and appeals were sent to the administration urging them to address the concerns and grievances raised by every student. The administration insists that they always consider and honor the interest of the students, however it is highly evident through their anti-democratic education that they show the opposite,” they said.

Earlier this week, Garcia said that the fees being collected are “just, necessary and above board.” She added that five percent tuition surcharge “is a control set by the University to make sure funds are available within the semester.”

The UE President also reiterated there was “nothing arbitrary or illegal” in the disqualification of students who applied for scholarship.