Letters of Youth


/ 29 September 2021

Online classes have kicked off for over two years now. Thus, it is likely that students are used to this mode of education. Hence, we cannot deny the fact that we still experience challenges that can only work out well and be solved in a face-to-face setup. This year, grade eleven students have started their journey in Senior High School. We were only in 9th grade when the pandemic started and now, we’re starting a new era in our education. All strands in Senior High School are difficult or maybe, it depends on the capacity and capability of a student.

One of the high caliber strands is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics or also known as STEM. This strand is the powerhouse of aspiring students who hope to become professionals in the field of Medicine, Architecture, Engineering, etc. As hard as it sounds, many students identify the subjects under this strand as one of the most challenging ones. So, how does it feel to become a STEM student for the first time and in a pandemic?


Senior High School life is something I consider as a new world for me. Unlike in Junior High School, the subjects in SHS are more specific and allow you to study the field that you are expecting to engage in your college education and eventually, in your line of work in the future. Thus, despite having a hard time adjusting to it, it gives me the adrenaline of excitement and thrill of what it has to offer in the coming weeks.

I hate to admit it, but it is a fact that I have started questioning where I am now. Is this really meant for me? Do I belong here? These questions remain unanswered and I continue to find the correct way on how to respond to them. But, I put in mind that I will not be here if this is not destined for me. Above all, everything happens for a reason and you create your own story. Imagine overcoming all these trials and witnessing yourself stand tall after them. The step that you took now will matter how your future awaits.


As one of the English philosophers, Roger Bacon said: “Mathematics is the door and key to the Sciences.” At first, I had a misconception about the subjects that I will be taking. I honestly thought that Science and Mathematics revolve around the book, but the truth is, it doesn’t. These two are way beyond imagination and are interrelated either way.

As a STEM student, I get to face numbers and scientific words five times a week. It may seem stressful to some, but for me, it’s like a cup of coffee that keeps me motivated and pours the passion of what a STEM student has.


As I continue my life as a STEM student, I remind myself of the main reason why I am here. For sure, we chose this strand because we knew this was the perfect fit for what we want for our career. Reaching your dream is not easy, but it’s also a process. And today, you are in the process of achieving it. All you have to do is to trust yourself and believe that you can do it.

Being able to choose a path for yourself shows how driven you are to give pride to your family and for yourself as well. Some of our decisions do not turn out as to what we expect them to be but do not be discouraged.

You need to be brave, responsible, and everything in between to balance things. Most of all, a mindset that you can finish with flying colors because you did your best. The pandemic is just another challenge for us to defeat. It may have stopped most of the things that we could’ve experienced in a face-to-face setup, but it doesn’t imply that you are less than those who study this path before the lockdown.

We are unfortunate to experience this just in front of our gadgets, but we should still make the most out of it. The beauty of learning should still be within and visible unto us.