/ 13 September 2023

THE University of the East will implement a four-day academic break to give its students a breather after the preliminary examinations.

In a memorandum, UE President Zosimo Battad said there will be no synchronous sessions on September 14-16 and September 20.

Battad said no quizzes and submission of assignments will be allowed during the break.

“This schedule is without prejudice to compliance with the minimum number of synchronous/F2F sessions required for each course,” the memorandum read.

Battad instructed professors to hold grade consultations in asynchronous sessions before the September 25 deadline for grade posting.

Last year, former UE President Ester Garcia approved a policy allowing academic break after every major examination in the tertiary and graduate school levels.

This came after student groups urged school administrators to implement short breaks after “heavy examination week” as this will benefit both the faculty and the learners.