In the light of the upcoming PBA board meeting, the men's professional basketball league is planning for a crucial consideration in relaxing its application process for Fil-foreigners who are looking to suit up in the upcoming rookie draft.

/ 31 December 2020

The proposal is considering a beneficial relief for Fil-foreign draft applicants which will no longer require them to submit documents proving their Filipino lineage and dual citizenship. 

The current rules apply that the PBA’s requisites for Fil-foreign draft applicants consist of 11 requirements.

Out of the 11 specifications, securing documents from the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Bureau of Immigration (BI) proving their Filipino citizenship requires a lot of work.

In the absence of the BI and DOJ documents, a certificate of identification as per Republic Act 9225 or the Citizenship Retention and Re-Acquisition Act of 2003 is prescribed.

However, commissioner Willie Marcial disclosed that the organization is still studying such a proposal and will not take effect soon as they are expecting, until then the current rules will still govern the drafting order.

In addition, Marcial perpetuated that Fil-foreigners who plan to take flight in the upcoming rookie draft this March 14 will continue to submit the requirements that have been observed in the preceding years. 

Para safe, kumuha sila ng BID recognition at kung ano ‘yung mga requirements namin for the past several years,” said Marcial.

Other requirements for Fil-Foreigners comprises of an authenticated birth certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority or equivalent agency if born outside the country of the applicant and parents; marriage certificate of parents or, in the absence of such, legal recognition by applicant’s Filipino father or other proof evidencing filiation such as will, a record of birth, or DNA test; duly notarized and/or authenticated naturalization papers of Filipino parent if applicable; and duly notarized affidavits of at least three persons residing in the Philippines attesting to the claim of citizenship of the applicant.

Meanwhile, local players are only required to submit an application form, a PSA birth certificate, a college diploma if less than 22 years old, and two 2×2 ID pictures.

Precedently, applicants were required to play a certain number of games in the PBA D-League but last October, the prerequisite PBA D-League games were stricken off from the requirements due to the pandemic wiping off the entire developmental season.