/ 21 December 2020

THE UNIVERSITY of the East in Caloocan said that surcharge fees on late payment of tuition may be waived but on a case-by-case basis.

The Office of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration said students seeking to have their fees waived should send a formal request letter to [email protected] detailing the reason for the late payment and the date of payment.

The deadline for the submission of request letters is on December 27.

The school however said that not all requests will be approved.

“The submission of a formal request letter does not guarantee an outright approval of the request. If approved, the reversal of the surcharge will take effect on next semester’s enrollment,” it said.

Students were told to settle their outstanding balances from the previous term before enrolling for the next semester.

School officials said that the 5 percent surcharge was implemented to raise money for the salaries of teachers and to acquire supplies.

“The pandemic has affected everybody, not only the students, faculties, and employees but also the University. And we are all doing our best effort to ensure that the University will survive the pandemic too,” the school said.