/ 24 December 2022

TO STRENGTHEN international relations and national security, the School of Social Sciences, Law and Governance of the University of the Asia and the Pacific partnered with the Philippine Council for Foreign Relations.

A Memorandum of Agreement was signed last December 20, 2022 between officials of UA&P and PCRF.

Both parties pledged to cooperate in activities relating to “foreign policy, diplomacy, law, international relations and national security, all to advance the national interest.”

In his remarks, SLG Dean Dr. Nick Alviar paid tribute to the late Ambassador Jose “Joe” Romero, former president of the PCFR and member of the UA&P Board of Trustees.

“The world has changed much from the days of Ambassador Romero, and we are now faced with so many challenges both in the domestic and international spheres, yet the same ideals of international unity and cooperation, commitment to justice and the common good, and respect for human dignity remain the true anchor for world peace and progress,” Alviar said.

Colonel Alejandro Flores of the PCFR said that the agreement will help foreign affairs stakeholders and the younger generations “develop a healthy appreciation of international relations, and a mature understanding of national interest and its convergence and divergences with that of others.”