Letters of Youth


/ 18 February 2022

Colors as of the moment
Make the center of the statement
People making it an achievement
Stating it’s for development

But does color really means something?
Or does it portrays nothing?
And just for the fame, it’s showing
To make it on the popping

Red, yellow, blue, or whatever
Would it really matter forever
Or just for a show to be clever
And make others feel like a sever

Colors do make things beautiful.
But are those used ones wonderful
To make someone’s voice powerful
Or just for words to be flowerful

Pink, white, or anything
Colors don’t work for something
So it does actually nothing
But a representation for a thing

The acts are on the doer
And not on the color
Making it not really matter
For it’s just like a splatter

It pops the noise everywhere
But in it, we should not dare
Be destructed and compare
Instead, be wise and be aware

Cause what’s with the color
That everyone’s fighting for
They’ll just confuse and make it duller
The words they try to voice in there

Let’s focus on the person
Their goodwill, platform, and intention
Not their color for presentation
Nor their flowery words for the nation