/ 12 November 2020

STUDENTS of the Technological University of the Philippines- Manila campus pressed their school administrators to declare an academic break.

The University Student Government on Tuesday said that an academic break is needed to help students who are still adjusting to the challenges brought by distance learning.

The group cited erratic internet connectivity and its costs, lack of gadgets and concerns on isolated learning as some of the reasons why some students are not learning effectively.

It also cited the effects of distance learning on students’ mental and physical well-being.

Some students are experiencing trigger pressure, over-fatigue, stress, anxiety, mood swings and depression,the group added.

“The academic break seeks to cease workloads in order to rest, relax and refresh oneself for a couple of days. Unfortunately, the proposal with regards to this issue was not granted, reasoning that it may disrupt the academic calendar,” the USG said.

It said that the declaration of an Academic Consolidation Week does not address these issues even if all teaching activities will be suspended for one week.

TUP said the ACW “aims to pause the semester and to allow the consolidation of learning activities during the online mode.”

Last week, the TUP administration rejected the call for an academic break, instead proposing an academic consolidation break where students will finish all assignments and activities for the first half of the semester.

The guidelines for the academic consolidation week have been released by University President Jesus Rodrigo Torres.