Letters of Youth

R E V O L U T I O N embraces its own R E V O L U T I O N

/ 25 February 2022

It’s not about the sweet talk nor a battle of wit,
It’s not about how often you long for each other,
It’s about how long your feelings would last.
I’ve been looking for someone who’d transcend a mediocre desire;
Then, I found you…
Not for the first time, but I’m glad I found you again.

A decade ago, we ended at a wrong foot;
Never spoke to each other again until High School.
I have always seen you as a long lost friend;
Or at least.. that’s what I believed in,
And that’s what I’m afraid of.
For about a year now,
I’ve been trying to hide something I’m not supposed to feel,
But will you be able to mend my heart that was supposed to heal?

As I danced and balanced along a string of chances,
All I could do was look at you through side glances.
My love being unrequited is quite acceptable,
But you giving me mixed signals pains me a thousand fold.
I tried to distance myself and bury my old talkative self,
But I guess it’s just how I am and how I’m used to be,
Especially when I get to talk with you.

You’re like an open book that I pulled out from a random shelf,
The only difference it makes is that I would no longer put you back in.
I chose you and I’ll read you non-stop.
If it happens that I finished reading,
I’ll have no problem bringing myself back to square one.
I’ll repeat it over and over until all the pages wither
and disappear to ashes in the arms of the reader.

Knowing that I may not be able to embrace you,
The least that I could do is revolve around your axis.
Even if your smile is my only basis,
I’m glad I could make you happy despite knowing that doubt
Has been the only rival
And it’s our denial..

Still, I want to promise you,
Through the lows and the highs, I’ll stay with you
As you are my loving caliber.
Within your sight, I’m bound with a love so profound.
No matter how or when, I’ll wait until you notice,
That my existence has never been amiss.

Another revolution made you something more than that of a painkiller,
That exact thing makes you shine beyond fervor and every border.
Wanting you, I may be some kind of fiend,
But my intentions are most clean.
As you are my untargeted target and my favorite crime,
To me, you appear more valuable than time.