/ 26 May 2021

THE OFFICE of the Student Regent of the Technological University of the Philippines on Tuesday joined other universities and colleges in condemning Commission on Higher Education Chairman Prospero De Vera III’s statement that ruled out the return of face-to-face classes.

De Vera earlier said that education in higher institutions will not return to the traditional full-packed classrooms because flexible learning will continue.

TUP-OSR said that flexible learning is not inclusive.

“Despite the convenience flexible learning provides, its efficiency is determinant to student’s social status and privileges. It is not for everyone,” it said on Facebook.

“Most students are in the predicament of whether they are still receiving quality education through these new modes of learning — as ‘learning’ has now been displaced with ‘compliance,’ making them live by the standards of just passing with little to no established learning that should elate their skills and character,” it added.

The student regent urged CHED to reconsider its decision and craft ways for the safe return of face-to-face classes.

De Vera has clarified that flexible learning means mixing available options as schools are not yet ready to fully open since students, faculty members, and administrators have not been vaccinated yet.