Letters of Youth


/ 13 July 2021

I am certain that homosexuals deserve the same legal rights to adopt children because, the sexual orientation of people should not affect their desire to adopt children and they can be just as good at parenting as heterosexual couples. If you do not approve of this, is it because you think the children they’ll adopt will be molested by them, “homosexuals”? Or is it because you think that the children they’ll adopt will also be homosexual? Or maybe you think that they’ll have an unusual way of thinking or flawed life. Well of course, that’s what close-minded people will think. 

First of all, there is no scientific research connecting homosexuality and pedophilia. Undoubtedly, out of 269 child sex abuse (, only 2 of them are homosexuals and the other 267 are heterosexuals. Secondly, there is no evidence that children raised by lesbians or gays are more likely to become homosexual than children raised by heterosexuals. Thirdly, an unusual way of thinking? The children of homosexual parents are more open-minded, they believe in equality for all and they think outside of the society box. And what do you mean flawed life? You may think that homosexual parenthood is flawed, but so is heterosexual parenthood. Every family faces challenges and issues every single day so if having parents with the same sex is disadvantageous to children in any way, it has nothing to do with their parents’ sexuality. Furthermore, homosexuals are naturally open-minded when it comes to accepting their child’s personal or lifestyle choices and because many gays and lesbians have had to face discrimination in their lives, they are usually better to give advice and appreciate their child when their child has his or her own problems.

It’s been ages and people are still arguing on whether a homosexual couple should adopt a child or not. Discriminating and criticizing people who just want to have a family and live a normal life ends now. We should live in a more diverse world where nobody gets to be treated differently and be discriminated against.