/ 2 July 2021

REPRESENTATIVES of different student groups in the National University called on the school administrators to delay the opening of classes for Academic Year 2021-2022 saying that the students need more time to regain their strength mentally and physically.

Classes in the university are set to open on August 9. The students asked that it be moved to the first week of September or last week of August.

In a two-page resolution sent to University President Renato Carlos Ermita, the NU Student Government cited the challenges brought by distance learning as the reason behind their request.

“This is the first time that we have faced this set-up and the problems that occurred in our surroundings. The wellness of the students has been one of our priorities,” NU-SG said.

The student body stressed that extending the vacation can help members of the community to regain their strength mentally and physically.

“As our institution foster education that works and one of the effective ways to utilize it as an effective learning environment is to uplift the students’ mental health. The vacation can give students enough rest, recover and recalibrate their minds in order to face the next academic year virtually more prepared and equipped as the next A.Y. its graduating batch,” the group said.

It argued that a one-month vacation is not enough because of the current set-up of enrollment process “where various offices became unresponsive.”

Similarly, it pointed out that adjusting the opening of classes can give ample time to learners who will participate in limited face-to-face classes to be inoculated against Covid19, as well as higher year students to prepare for their pre-internship engagements.

“We believe that we shared a common goal — an education that works and this goal will only be achieved if we make the educators and the students work effectively while striving for excellence in this trying time. Hence, as one of our core values (compassion) emphasizes, the value of every Nationalian is to feel what others feel and treat each one with care and understanding regardless of any situation,” the group said.