/ 22 October 2021

A STUDENT group from the University of the East denounced the slow refund of tuition and other school fees of scholars.

“As the highest student body, we condemn the slow process of reimbursement given that scholars had to pay the enrollment without enough time of notice,” the University Student Council said in a letter to UE officials.

The UE Student Accounts team earlier said that the refund process for qualified scholars would take six to 12 weeks.

Stressing that initial scholars were mandated to immediately pay a down-payment of P10,500 upon enrollment, USC demanded to shorten the reimbursement process to three to six weeks.

“Imposing the usual processing of reimbursement is unacceptable given that students were not informed ahead of time that they will be shouldering the enrollment given that the scholarships were on hold until the final notice just this month,” the group said.

The student body asked the school officials to provide an alternative process for scholars living in the province.

“If we were given options to enroll without going to the university, the same must apply to reimbursement process,” it said.

“We anticipate that the administration will continue to heed the call of all the student warriors and uphold the vow of providing quality service,” it added.

The school released on Thursday the requirements for the refund application.

Scholars are required to submit thru email a copy of Registration Form/s (applicable semester for the refund the student is applying for), all proof of payment/official receipts of payment, and student ID/Government-issued ID to the Finance Office.

They must also fill up the google form at