/ 22 December 2021

TO HELP ease the burden of learners affected by Typhoon Odette, the Basic Education unit of the Dumaguete-based Silliman University said that it will move the deadline for the submission of requirements.

Students of its early childhood school may submit their requirements until the second week of January.  Elementary and junior high school students, meanwhile, may submit until January 8, 2022.

The school said that the performance task scores of those who already submitted their requirements will be included in the computation of grades.

“Moreover, the performance task grade of students who were not able to submit the given requirement(s) will be based on a pro-rated score generated from their total scores under written work and other related requirements. Students in these areas must therefore inform their teachers of their location via text, email, and similar communication lines,” SU said.

The school said that the second semester enrollment and start of classes in senior high school will proceed as stated in the university calendar.

There will also be a one-week extension of the enrollment period.