Letters of Youth


/ 23 February 2022

Exuding warmth like no other
I know for sure you’re not a stranger
You’re more of a priority than a bother
You emit radiance amongst any other

For more than half a decade, we parted
Confusion within emotion have started
We, for some time never talked nor bonded
Yet has always been connected

You were never in a blur for you are blessed
You show a soulful strength, my ego was caressed
Whenever you’re in a mess, you’d make them all impressed
From there I knew, a soft heart should be addressed

You may be a nuisance in a sweet manner
I’m so close to making a huge banner
Flexing your catchy humor and laughter
For you lighten up the darkest like that of a necromancer

You’re more of a blessing than a trouble
Believe me when I say you’re incredible
For making me feel so comfortable
Whenever I speak my mind and the impossible

When we encounter a dispute, we compromise
The way you view things has been so wise
I think you seem better than a sunrise
Which is way far beyond an ordinary surprise

Every time I rant, you let me
Ceasing the doubt, I always had in me
Now, you make me somewhat carefree
And unafraid to speak and let people hear from me

Seizing the thought of balance,
I somehow managed to halt being someone with resonance
Under the impact of your unwavering stance,
Never have I thought you would be of great substance

Strikingly assertive is what we have in common
You let self-control overpower than any aggression
You always lay out great affection
While I focus eyeing on you without opposition

Ain’t nobody would ever be someone like you
Same goes with anyone else, that is true
Now, I’ve been wanting to tell you
That your parents are more than lucky having you

You carry out a huge amount of affection
Instead of wanting to be given attention
You are someone worthy of appreciation
And certainly, of admiration

I never knew I would be so comfortable
Knowing that your way of conversing is impeccable
I’ve always assumed that you were haughty and abominable
Yet the person I saw in you is highly laudable and desirable

Wanting everything premeditated
You forgot yourself and is freighted
With selfless actions making me so agitated
But with your temperament, it is anticipated

People may have brought misery towards you
But never let it affect the beauty inside of you
For your only opponent and battlefield is YOU
Change the way you think and let it conquer you

You are an ace of spades, I knew you were
You’re a game changer, nothing would try and defer
You can tame your temper in every disaster
Which has made your aura an eye-opener

Things always go my way until you came
The way you oppose is new, but no one is to blame
Continue doing it for it isn’t lame and I know you play no game
You’re inevitable and it’ll forever stay the same

You are a gift, something others may not have seen yet
And it’s what you need to be grateful of, not to regret
For it is your vital asset, just ignore all the fret
For I’m proud that you’re a living angel God has sent that I met