/ 16 April 2021

STUDENT representatives from the College of Arts and Sciences in San Beda University recommended policy changes based on the concerns aired by students.

Gathered via the BedaVoice program and batch surveys, the proposed changes were about the conduct of online classes.

One of the recommendations was for professors to limit academic requirements.

They said that a heavy workload has caused too much stress on students.

They also sought open deadlines so that students will have enough time to comply with requirements.

A “consult first” policy was also suggested so students and professors can compromise on the deadline.

They also recommended a “No Failing Grade” policy while waiting for a review of the grading system. Students who could not comply with requirements may be given an INC or incomplete grade.

“The San Beda Student Council hopes for the support of the student body in pursuing the implementation of these policies. We hope that every Bedan is well during this difficult time, the number of Covid19 cases increase and the mental strain we face gets tougher each day,” they said.