/ 9 May 2023

REPUBLICASIA, iACADEMY and Kumu joined hands to launch a summit that aims to help students meet the demands of the technology and new media industries in the Philippines.

Dubbed as “Lead Like a Pro: Unlocking the Potential of Future Tech and Digital Media,” the summit will be held on May 12, 2023 at iACADEMY’s auditorium in Makati City.

iACADEMY Chief Operating Officer Raquel Wong said during the contract signing of the event that the summit aims to hone a culture of innovation among students as they will be the next industry players and practitioners.

“This conference will lay the foundation for the next generation of tech and digital practitioners by providing a framework for tech and new media in the new way of doing things…together we hope to create a culture of innovation that will benefit not only our students but the industry as a whole,” Wong said.

RepublicAsia Media CEO Bran Reluao said that the summit also aims to provide students and other attendees with insights on the latest developments in the science of digital media and explore trends in the media tech industry.

“The goal is to educate and prepare future practitioners who will elevate the practice and strengthen the legitimacy of assets produced through tech and digital media,” Reluao said.

The summit will feature award-winning journalists, content creators, CEOs and other experts in the field of data science and online entrepreneurship. Among the topics to be discussed are New Journalism, Content Creation, Data Science and Algorithm and Online Entrepreneurship.

Meanwhile, Kumu Co-founder James Rumohr pointed out that it’s important to be innovative and to find ways to connect technology.

“What can we do on the educational side? Students will be the leaders later on. The things that you do will set the trend for the next generation… I really believe that educational partnership is key for success,” Rumohr said.