/ 9 August 2020

STUDENTS  of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines took to Twitter to express their dismay after the school’s enrollment server crashed.

“PUP SIS” is the university’s Student Information System server, a portal where students can view announcements, grades, and enroll online.

Students’ reactions varied from “cheer up PUP SIS! sobrang down mo today :(,” “PUP SIS HAHAHA OUR EXPECTATIONS ARE LOW BUT WHAT THE F***,” and “Nakakailang refresh na ako! PUP SIS bulok!!!! #AcademicFreezeNOW #PUPENROLLMENTBULOK” as students became irritated with the system malfunction.

Students also posted screenshots of the SIS which said, “The service unavailable.”

As posted on the PUP website, the scheduled enrollment at its Sta. Mesa campus for second-year students is on August 7 and 13; for third-year students, August 8 to 14; and fourth and fifth-year students, on August 9 and 15.

As of this writing, the “PUS SIS”  ranks fifth  in trending tweets in the country.

It can be noted that #ResetPUPEnrolment also trended on Twitter weeks before as freshmen aired their dismay over enrollment “anomalies”.

The PUP administration has yet to issue a statement regarding the recent issue.