/ 2 October 2020

THOUSANDS of students of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines want a combination of online and modular mode of learning for their upcoming classes in the university.

A survey conducted by the PUP Office of the Student Regent on Facebook showed that around 3,500 students were in favor of a dual mode of learning— online and modular.

However, under the guidelines crafted by the university, a student can choose only one mode and there will be no switching to another mode during the school year.

It did not state whether students who chose modular learning can participate in webinars for students on online learning.

The students expressed hope that they will be permitted to use both modes of learning so that they can better understand their subjects.

“Some preferred both but can only afford pure modular” “Pinili ko po kasing mag-modular kasi nga nagttrabaho at wala namang internet lagi sa bahay,” and “I hope their decisions na imodular lang purely ang student is mabago kapag no wifi sa bahay,” were some of the sentiments the students aired on social media.

The OSR said that the survey will empower its ‘policy intervention and participation’ to ensure that an inclusive policy will be observed made for the betterment of the PUP community.

“We will ensure that there will be no student left behind in the Sintang Paaralan as we always see the plight in advancing the FREE, FAIR, EQUAL and QUALITY access of the students for their right to education,” PUP OSR said.

Meanwhile, 491 students said that they want pure online classes while 99 others said that they want pure modular learning.

Classes in PUP will start on October 5, 2020, using its flexible learning scheme called Flexible Technology- Enhanced Learning.