Omega Esports announced on social media on Friday that it will let go of its Mobile Legends:Bang Bang roster.

/ 3 July 2021

In a statement, Omega said that its decision is for the ‘growth’ of both the players and the organization.

“It pains us to say this, but it’s time to say thank you and goodbye to everyone,” Omega said on its Facebook page.

“We are proud that we were a huge part of your growth as a professional athlete. We fully understand that in order for an athlete and an organization to grow further, a huge change in the environment is necessary, in which we support everyone’s decision for this change wholeheartedly,” it added.

The team also aired its thanks to its midlaner ‘HAZE,’ Turtle laner ‘Kenji,’ Jungler ‘HAD JI,’ Non-Turtle laners ‘Toshi’ and ‘KurtTzy’ and Roamer ‘Heath’ for their efforts for the organization.

“We have nothing but gratitude towards you guys. Thank you for all of your efforts with Omega Esports and thank you for being our family and friend for all these years. Good luck on your journey! Don’t forget that we’ll always be your family,” Omega said to the players.

The team has yet to unveil its future plans for its MLBB roster.