/ 17 September 2021

A graduate of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines topped the Electrical Engineering Licensure Examination given by the Professional Regulation Commission this month.

Bryan Bautista Estaris led the successful examinees with a score of 93.10 percent.

Jaj Hiponia Sentina of the Central Philippine University came in second with 90.60 percent, while Joshua Baliton Busto of the University of the Philippines Diliman ranked third with 90.50 percent.

John Llyod De Vera Febe of Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation placed fourth with 90.25 percent, and Shan Ryck Libradilla Largo of University of Eastern Philippines-Catarman ranked fifth with 90.20 percent.

They were followed by Jay Leonil Moralde Dormal of Central Mindanao University (89.85); Jero Reyes Ching of UP Los Baños (89.35); Jan Marco Geronimo Balani from University of Batangas (89.25); Darrel Jed Dela Cruz Israel and Aaron Magpantay Sarmiento of UP Los Baños (89.25).

Completing the top 10 list are Rembert Buhayang Bataluna of University of Southeastern Philippine-Davao City (89.20); Rhyan Jason Gallardo Delizo of Saint Louis University (89.20); Rochelle Marie Caringal Flores of UP Los Baños (89.10); Wendell Baraoidan Pascual of Mariano Marcos State University-Batac (89.10); and Sahra Alanzalon Vincente of Pangasinan State University-Urdaneta (89.10).

PRC said that 1,668 out of 2,590 passed exam.

The top performing schools with 50 or more examinees with at least 85 percent passing percentage are the Pangasinan State University (96.15), University of Batangas (91.67), and Cagayan State University (87.27).

Meanwhile, Francheska Louise Hernandez Lajara of the De La Salle University-Lipa topped the Master Electricians Licensure Examinations with a rating of 93 percent.

Estaris placed second with 92.50 percent, while Jeff Lloyd Simbulan Bergonia of DLSU-Lipa ranked 3rd with 90.50 percent.

Paul Edrian, also of DLSU-Lipa, came in fourth with 90 percent, while Jay Leoneil Moralde Dormal of Central Mindanao University and John Llyod De Vera Rebe of Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation placed fifth with 89.50.

At sixth place with 89 percent are Jason Arvin Valderamma Lim of Mapua University, Adrian Recaro Macatangay of DLSU-Lipa, and Sahra Alanzalon Vicente of Pangasinan State Univeristy-Urdaneta.

Tied at seventh place are Michael Rodil Batralo Jr. of Cavite State University, Francis Dave Cabuga Cruz of University of Southeastern Philippines-Davao City, Karl Jhay Mora Dollesin of Sorsogon State College, Remar Dosdos Toyor of Cavite State University, and Keihl James Fontanilla Valencia of Batangas State University, all with 88.50 percent.

Also in the top 10 are Charneil Jan Trajano of Surigao State College of Technology (88.50), Jealou Cleofas Clutario and Asper Dupan Encinaners of Bicol University (87.50), Arvin Soriano Martinez of Southern Luzon State University-Lucban (87.50), Joshua Fulgar Rili of Cavite State University (87.50), and John Michael Turbiso Soriano of Pangasinan State University (87.50).

Those in tenth place with 87 rating are Jhon Ronald Saron Alba of Eastern Visayas State University, Jay Patrick Acuña Atienza of DLSU-Lipa, Rogelio Navales Dela Cruz Jr. of Vocational School, Jaron Beirnd Sianquita Dimaandal of DLSU-Lipa, Maico Tanjay Meca of Secondary School, Michael Tomas Mercado Par of FEU Institute of Technology, Ronnel Palencia Policarpio of Secondary School, Aira Kris Galario Solar of Pangasinan State University, and Jonathan Palaña Villapaña of Eastern Visayas State University.

The PRC said that 1,506 out of 2,233 passed the exam.

The top performing schools with 50 or more examinees with at least 85 passing percentage are Pangasinan State University (98.08), Cagayan State University (93.10), and Batangas State University (88).