/ 10 July 2022

THE MAPUA University is offering a homeschool program recognized by the Department of Education, providing alternative and flexible senior high school learning.

Grade 11 students under the strands in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, Accountancy, Business, and Management, Humanities and Social Sciences, and the General Academic Strand can avail of the program dubbed ‘Mapua HOME’.

The new initiative is a component of Mapua’s effort to enable unlimited online learning supported by potent digital educational technology tools for young students to be free from restrictions on time, distance, and even situations that prevent continuous learning.

With the aid of the university’s cutting-edge instructional strategies, information and communications technology systems, and other available media, the program will inspire students to engage in independent learning, creativity, and discovery.

Students will use Grammarly and Turnitin to improve their writing abilities and to enforce good revision practices. They will also make use of the assortment of online databases, files, audio, video, and other institutional resources available.

The curricula for SHS at the university are aligned with the learning resources from Mapua HOME.

Professors and certified and trained course professionals will direct them in acquiring the necessary abilities for their chosen strands.