/ 27 December 2021

iACADEMY was awarded by various international publications for being the “Most Innovative Education Provider  in the Philippines.”

It was the fourth consecutive time that the school received the award.

iACADEMY was also recognized as the “Leading Computing, Business and Liberal Arts, and Design Education Provider in the Philippines.”

A known changemaker in education, iACADEMY has offered specialized courses since 2002 in the field of computing, business, and design. Over the years, the school has adjusted its approaches in developing learning. The eager quest to provide quality education and future-oriented programs is focused on addressing the mismatch between graduates and the needs of industry.

“In iACADEMY, it is required to interact with the community and the industry players in our fields. We make sure our students undergo intensive internship training, mentorship sessions, and webinars where we invite experts to share emerging trends, and participate in projects that help address the current challenges faced by the community,” said Raquel Perez, Chief Operating Officer of iACADEMY.

“We believe we really owe it to the authenticity of our goal – seen in how we implement our programs. Recognizing the individuality of our students, we focus efforts on developing a flexible learning system where we can assess their core competencies in light of the field they wish to tackle later on. We’ve veered away from standardized testing and implemented outcome-based and project-based learning. Since we are a non-traditional school, our multi-age cohorts and the diversity of our learners enable our students to develop strong interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. They are able to relate and communicate with others better, which I believe is as vital as developing their intellectual capabilities,” Perez added.

In 2020, iACADEMY rolled out GOAL or Guided Online Autonomous Learning and DRIVE Homeschool Program to deliver remote and flexible learning during the pandemic.

“We have called ourselves Game Changers from the very beginning of our journey. This means we exist to change the game. While the traditional approach to education has undoubtedly shaped and produced good quality graduates in our country, we deem it equally important to cater to those who are seeking an innovative way to learn and grow as an individual,” Vanessa Tanco, CEO and president of iACADEMY said.

“It’s not a secret we have a lot of students with untapped potential and not all schools are able to explore that without approaching education from a new perspective,” she added.

Leaning towards becoming the Top School Choice for Design and the Arts, iACADEMY ups its game with the establishment of Vision Creative Unit, a prestigious elite group comprising of the best students who are to take on exclusive projects and mentorship sessions with the country’s most sought-after creative professionals.

Students in iACADEMY are trained  to be highly competitive and industry-ready before they even graduate. To mention a few game-changing activities are Project-Based Learning outputs for Senior High School, Co-Create program in collaboration with leading companies and institutions with the goal to bring creative solutions to real-world problems, Vision Creative Unit in cooperation with the industry’s top filmmakers, artists, and creative professionals, and iACADEMY’s intensive 900-hour internship program industry ties with the most sought-after companies in the Philippines in the field of computing, business, and design which guaranteed ACADEMY students a 96 percent placement rate after graduation.

Incoming students of iACADEMY are also given the chance to participate in the PRIME Workshops put in place every week which is intended to facilitate conversations on the latest updates and developments in the industry. Simultaneously, the GOAL Keepers Webinar informs parents and incoming students of the opportunities, highlights, and career trajectories specific to the field they hope to tackle. Both initiatives serve as a platform where they can directly interact, inquire, and learn from the country’s highly recognized industry experts and discover more about the path they wish to take.

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